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Theresa May calls snap election for 8th June 2017!

Theresa May, well, you had the suspense, no one apparently knew what Theresa May’s announcement was going to be and the apprehension was expertly being built by the media but really, it could only have been a General Election.


Brexit means Brexit and the Remainers who just won’t accept it!


Brexit means Brexit, that favourite mantra of Theresa May and of course the remainers keep on saying they don’t understand what brexit actually means but where were they during the Referendum campaign because the voting public were listening and I can assure you they understood exactly what Brexit meant and means!

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Theresa May our next PRIME MINISTER come tomorrow!

Theresa May – so there we have it, congratulation to Theresa May on election to be Conservative Party Leader and the Prime Minister tomorrow (Wednesday 13th July 2016) afternoon after she has been to the palace.

Now is the time to clear out all the deadwood and get this country moving again, we will see […]

Boris Johnson or the BBC/Eddie Mair, which is the nasty piece of work!

We didn’t need the BBC to tell us that Boris Johnson has been a bit of a rogue during his life, we didn’t need the BBC to tell us he had been in a few scrapes, we all know this but Boris is a politician who actually has a life, is extremely intelligent and stands […]

The Politics of David Cameron

Just where does David Cameron think the compass of politics in this country points, he might be surprised to know that for the vast majority it points right!

If David Cameron gets his act together, thinks before he speaks and consults William Hague more on foreign affairs and stops dithering then he could turn out […]