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RAPE is abhorrent but YES ladies there are different types of rape!


Rape, yes firstly let me make clear rape is abhorrent and anyone committing rape deserves to receive the full weight of the law but there are different types/levels of rape and again what exactly is rape, which, in the main, is a crime which has no witnesses!


Rape, Politics of the Politically Correct and Eddie Shah!

Now we really have to tread carefully because there are few worse crimes than rape and the consequences of rape can stay with the victim for the rest of their lives but so can a wrongful charge of rape which often blights the mans life and reputation, mud sticks and people can be too ready […]

Politics and Political Correctness, Ken is in trouble again!

If any Minister was going to get himself into trouble with the political correctness within politics it was always going to be Ken Clarke!

Ken Clarke doesn’t do it in halves, not only has he got himself into trouble with political correctness within politics but he is also under attack from the whole women’s movement