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Sharia Police, YES introducing France’s New Sharia Police!

Sharia Police – I don’t know about you but I find this concerning and when you add this to the comments made by Trevor Philips, the former Race and Equalities Commissioner that at least a third of Muslim’s in the UK have views which are incompatible with modern life.

Whilst we strive for Religious […]

Euro-Zone feel change of tide in Germany, it is starting to crumble!

We now have the Portugal bailout starting to unravel, the Italians are teetering, Greece and Cyprus are a mess and Hollande is losing the battle for the Euro-Zone in France but the big news is the rise of a Eurosceptic party in Germany already forecast to get 25% of the votes!

The changing face of […]

European Union, Euro-Zone, Greece and the end of Democracy in Europe!

The European Union, Euro-Zone and Greek bailout crisis rumbles on with no sign of a solution, it is as if the whole European Union are sleep walking to disaster and just can’t grasp what is happening.

Even the German and French economies will not be immune because apart from their manageable debts they also have […]

European Union, when will the Lib Dem’s, Labour and the BBC get it!

The European Union, when will the Lib Dem’s, Labour, BBC and the left-wing media get it, the UK electorate have never wanted to be part of the Germanic ideal of the ever closer European project

We are now hearing that Nick Clegg is furious, Ken Clarke is very disappointed, Labour are trying to make out […]

European Union fights for survival, the Euro-Zone Crisis rumbles on!

The European Union and the Euro-Zone crisis, the problem they don’t want to face up to, but it is rolling like a snowball!

The UK is paying a high price to rescue the European Union and its Euro-Zone, it has no choice, a disintegration of both or just the Euro-Zone would be disastrous for the […]