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Cameron and Osborne – the Train Crash of Political Careers!


Cameron and Osborne – never have two top political careers crashed to oblivion in the space of hours Cameron and Osborne, never have two top political careers crashed to oblivion in the space of hours, I have been reading Craig Olivers account of happenings within Downing Street and it is a very lively account of […]

Clegg gives 2 fingers to Public, he is desparate to keep us in the EU

So Nick Clegg is in a panic over the European Union saying that David Cameron’s renegotiation is bound to fail, he would never be able to renegotiate enough to satisfy his right-wing back benchers, that Cameron is running scared of his own party and a referendum is bad for the economy and business!

What Nick […]

UKIP, didn’t they do well but now UKIP must Build on the result!

UKIP had un unbelievable breakthrough at the local elections with a share of the vote, at 25%, as high as the Lib Dem’s achieved even at their zenith but now the challenge is to build on that performance and put some foundations under the good work done so far

UKIP must remember, history teaches us […]

UKIP – the UKIP Dilemma, Long Term Survival or the EU?

UKIP, its fate may be in what it really wants, is it a protest party against the EU in which case it will probably have no future after the referendum but if they see themselves as long-term survivors within the political system they probably will not get their beloved referendum!

UKIP – the UKIP Dilemma, […]