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Cameron and Osborne – the Train Crash of Political Careers!


Cameron and Osborne – never have two top political careers crashed to oblivion in the space of hours Cameron and Osborne, never have two top political careers crashed to oblivion in the space of hours, I have been reading Craig Olivers account of happenings within Downing Street and it is a very lively account of […]

Referendum, Independence Day Aftermath, Opportunities Abound!

Referendum, so there we have, amazingly, against all the odds Brexit won out, a blow for democracy against the ruling elite bit already we have the Lib Dem’s saying that they will campaign at the next election to take us back into the EU and we have David Lammy MP saying MPs should block Brexit […]

Heseltine: the depths to which a failed politician will stoop!

Heseltine, it is really remarkable, even by the standards of Michael Heseltine, the depths a failed politician will go to try and save a failing enterprise

Because there is every chance that VOTE LEAVE will win but to go on television and talk about Boris Johnson as if he is somewhat deranged and a sad […]

Conservative Party for YOU! – Reflections on the election polls!

Lord Ashcroft Polls Conservative Party Conference 2015 – This is the text of a speech Lord Ashcroft gave last night at the Post-Election Conference, jointly hosted by Conservative Home, the TaxPayers’ Alliance, Business for Britain and the Institute of Economic Affairs. […]

Corbyn Left-Wing, would you believe it, l never!

Jeremy Corbyn, 50,000 protest to the BBC for bias in referring to Jeremy Corbyn as the left-wing leader of the Labour Party!

It is wrong for the BBC to refer to Jeremy Corbyn as left-wing although is as left-wing as it is possible to be, seemingly it would also be wrong to insist that the […]

Clegg, European Union and the Fantasy Politics of the Lib Dem’s

Clegg just just put out a party political broadcast on behalf of the Lib Dem’s and very well presented it was too but as with most Lib Dem policy Nick Clegg portrayal of the facts owed much to the fantasy land most Lib Dem’s live in.

The Clegg main thrust was that leaving the European […]

Democracy, Freedom, Choice and the Future of Representative Democracy!

Democracy, Freedom, Choice, Opportunity, the continued Opportunity to Govern ourselves and the future prosperity of our country this is what the European Parliament elections in May and the General Election in 2015 are actually about.

Without question the two most important elections in the past 100 years that could decide the very existence real […]

Clegg apparantly makes a BOLD statement on Europe, it is…!

Nick Clegg has made a bold statement on the European Union (EU), or so the papers say but this is Clegg’s only card and it is another one of his policies which are key to the Lib Dem’s but has no public support.

So, Clegg says that if we have a NO vote (vote to […]