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Theresa May calls snap election for 8th June 2017!

Theresa May, well, you had the suspense, no one apparently knew what Theresa May’s announcement was going to be and the apprehension was expertly being built by the media but really, it could only have been a General Election.


RAPE is abhorrent but YES ladies there are different types of rape!


Rape, yes firstly let me make clear rape is abhorrent and anyone committing rape deserves to receive the full weight of the law but there are different types/levels of rape and again what exactly is rape, which, in the main, is a crime which has no witnesses!


Free Speech the European Parliament Censors Its Own Free Speech!

free speech

Free Speech, YES, it is true, the European Parliament Censors Its Own Free Speech, the rule strikes at the very center of free speech, namely that of elected politicians, where does this clearly totalitarian impulse stop and who will stop it?


Discrimination, Racism and Political Correctness Enshrined in British Law!

Discrimination and Racism in the UK is in a mess, it has been hijacked by the Politically Correct Left-Wing elite, the do-gooder, minority groups with no political mandate just Socialist Dream, Chaos and Disaster, as with every Socialist Project!


Islam, Understanding the Religion and its Role in the World

Islam the miss understood religion or ……… by Nonie Darwish

February 12, 2017 at 5:00 am

Brexit means Brexit and the Remainers who just won’t accept it!


Brexit means Brexit, that favourite mantra of Theresa May and of course the remainers keep on saying they don’t understand what brexit actually means but where were they during the Referendum campaign because the voting public were listening and I can assure you they understood exactly what Brexit meant and means!

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Trump is President elect, WOW! Donald Trump President Elect.


Wow, Trump is President elect of the USA and no one saw it coming, just like Brexit but how did Donald Trump, with all his faults, pull it off because it was very decisive!

Donald Trump won the Presidency because he said in public what the people were saying around their dining room table! Congratulations.


Sharia Police, YES introducing France’s New Sharia Police!

Sharia Police – I don’t know about you but I find this concerning and when you add this to the comments made by Trevor Philips, the former Race and Equalities Commissioner that at least a third of Muslim’s in the UK have views which are incompatible with modern life.

Whilst we strive for Religious […]