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Free Software – EXACTLY What You Need To Rank!

Welcome to the ‘Its just life!’ Newsletter, over the coming weeks, apart from regular post updated we will be introducing you to the very best in software to help you either to start an online business or develop an existing business to become a major success.

Each piece of software works and is part of […]

Career Change – How to Really Change Career!

heidinazarudinJan 10, 2014

Career Change, it’s natural to fear change but when/if the time comes when not changing career is more terrifying than changing, it’s time to go for it, expect to be scared by the prospect, just try to channel this energy into forward motion instead of paralysis.

Following these steps will help you […]

5 Easy Tips for Monetizing YOUR Blog.

Murray NewlandsJan 22, 201

Blogging takes a lot of time, energy, hard work, and dedication and if you are spending the time to create original, unique, and interesting content, you should be rewarded for all of your hard work. The trouble is, most bloggers don’t know these easy tips for monetizing their sites, but […]

Personal Development is the key to your future growth!

Bringing your employees into the inner circle is one of the most valuable things you can do in the field of Personal Development.

Now tell me, what is one of the most prominent tasks a senior manager has, any idea, I will tell you, it is to find and groom a successor, Succession Management […]

Delegation – 6 Steps towards Success, Developing Potential!

Delegation, everybody in the industry talks about delegating and unfortunately very few are good at it!

Delegation can immediately increase your effectiveness by following these ‘Steps to Successful Delegation’. Delegation should be used selectively. First check that a particular task even needed to be done at all, then you need to determine who’d be the […]

Personal Development, REMEMBER, it is impossible to FAIL!

Post no.1 from our Personal Development Series

It is a fact that many people, whether relating to straight personal development, starting a business or inventing something, who consider themselves to be failures just do not realize how close they have been to success but then again, what are you calling failure?

Personal Development is for […]

A Good CV is YOUR Key to the Door!

There are thousands of people, companies offering a CV writing service and some will charge you as much as

Personal Development, it is all in the Planning, Plan and Stick to it!

Anybody who has been successful will tell you that they got there by working hard, planning and taking hold of opportunities with both hands.

All of them inevitably had the dream of becoming a leader in their chosen field which has driven them through to where they are today, for some this desire started young […]