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Discrimination, Racism and Political Correctness Enshrined in British Law!

Discrimination and Racism in the UK is in a mess, it has been hijacked by the Politically Correct Left-Wing elite, the do-gooder, minority groups with no political mandate just Socialist Dream, Chaos and Disaster, as with every Socialist Project!

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Islam, Understanding the Religion and its Role in the World

Islam the miss understood religion or ……… by Nonie Darwish February 12, 2017 at 5:00 am https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9890/defining-religion Islam and its place in the world, this is an interesting article by Nonie Darwish and is a good attempt to explain Islam…

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Brexit means Brexit and the Remainers who just won’t accept it!

Brexit means Brexit, that favourite mantra of Theresa May and of course the remainers keep on saying they don’t understand what brexit actually means but where were they during the Referendum campaign because the voting public were listening and I…

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Trump is President elect, WOW! Donald Trump President Elect.

Wow, Trump is President elect of the USA and no one saw it coming, just like Brexit but how did Donald Trump, with all his faults, pull it off because it was very decisive! Donald Trump won the Presidency because…

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Sharia Police, YES introducing France’s New Sharia Police!

Sharia Police – I don’t know about you but I find this concerning and when you add this to the comments made by Trevor Philips, the former Race and Equalities Commissioner that at least a third of Muslim’s in the…

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Cameron and Osborne – the Train Crash of Political Careers!

Cameron and Osborne – never have two top political careers crashed to oblivion in the space of hours Cameron and Osborne, never have two top political careers crashed to oblivion in the space of hours, I have been reading Craig…

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Thatcher on Brexit ahead of her party and of History.

Margaret Thatcher, a discription of the European Union Europe, she had concluded after years of trying was “fundamentally unreformable”. It was “an empire in the making . . . the ultimate bureaucracy”, founded on “humbug”; inherently protectionist, intrinsically corrupt, essentially…

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David Cameron’s LAST PMQs – PM is Dead, Long Live the PM

Cameron’s fairwell – Well, here we are, David Cameron’s last PMQs, watch it below and then Cameron goes to the Palace to offer his resignation, Theresa May will have an audience with the Queen shortly afterwards. Goodbye and thank you…

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