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The Politics of the Lib Dem’s, now they abondon the AV ship

ism_url=”″; ism_base_path = “”; post_description = “The politics of the Lib Dem\’s, now they abandon the AV ship to save themselvesTake a look at this piece from the Guardian, excellentGo to:”; post_id = 1433;items_str = “facebook,twitter,google,pinterest,stumbleupon,print,email”; items_arr = items_str.split(“,”);jQuery(document).ready(function(){ ism_load_counts(0, ‘′, ‘#indeed_sm_wrap_3264′, items_arr); }); #indeed_sm_wrap_3264{ top : 20px;left : 20px;}#indeed_sm_wrap_3264 .ism_item{ display: inline-block;} window.fbAsyncInit = function() {


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Politics of AV, just keeps biting back!

ism_url=”″; ism_base_path = “”; post_description = “So, Nick Clegg has accused David Cameron of defending the indefensible in politics by supporting AV, he has accusedSo, Nick Clegg has accused David Cameron of defending the indefensible in politics by supporting AV, he has accused Cameron of defending \”this nice little racket\” which allows them to […]

Politics and the AV Vote, a bit one dimensional

ism_url=”″; ism_base_path = “”; post_description = “The AV/FPTP campaign is making \’Its Just Life\’ a bit one dimensional!Politics and the AV/FPTP campaign is making \’Its Just Life\’ a bit one dimensional so we are leaving the AV vote alone for a week, I will try anyway, and widen our horizons a little, maybe even […]

Whatever the Politics of the AV/FPTP vote you need to understand both

ism_url=”″; ism_base_path = “”; post_description = “Whatever your thinking on the AV referendum and the politics involved, you need to fully understand the two systems, see the video below which explains the voting systems then read and after which the decision is YOURS!Yes, \’Its just life\’ is against AV and for very […]

The politics and truth of AV is that it achieves very little!

ism_url=”″; ism_base_path = “”; post_description = “Here we go again, you get debating on Twitter and you run out of space, politics is an all-consuming game.A final question from one of my debating partners, after which I think we may have to beg to differ!willwybrow says: @dalewood but you agree that it\’s fairer for […]

Politics of the rigged AV vote

ism_url=”″; ism_base_path = “”; post_description = “The politics of the rigged AV vote, the way the Lib Dem\’s have thrust this upon the coalition mean that the vote in Scotland could force AV on EnglandProbably to satisfy Labour\’s political correctness both the Scottish and Welsh parliaments are elected by AV, under what other system […]

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s politics agenda

ism_url=”″; ism_base_path = “”; post_description = “Nick Clegg, trying to socially engineer the politics of the world, haven\’t we got more important fish to fry?Nick Clegg, along with Vince Cable is showing himself to be patently unfit for government and the responsibilities of government and David Cameron, if he is to get a second […]

Paddy Ashdown put his boot into our politics and democracy to support AV

ism_url=”″; ism_base_path = “”; post_description = “Paddy Ashdown puts his boot into our politics:\”[AV means there will be] no more safe seats – ever, politicians will now have to fight harder to get elected, every vote will count.WRONG Paddy, I think there will be more safe seats and yes every vote will continue to […]